Watch Willow Reunite Wicked Wisdom for Jada Pinkett-Smith

With Mother’s Day coming up, Willow Smith went above and beyond to provide her mother Jada Pinkett Smith something pretty great. She managed to reunite Jada’s onetime metal band Wicked Wisdom for a special performance on their Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk, complete with Willow fronting the band on a performance of “Bleed All Over Me.”

Though Pinkett Smith is best known for her acting career which includes the TV series A Different World, Hawthorne and Gotham as well as the films The Nutty Professor, The Matrix Reloaded, Collateral, Bad Moms and Girls Trip, she also fronted the metal outfit Wicked Wisdom, forming the group in 2002. The band played Ozzfest 2005 and issued their self-titled debut album a year later while hitting the road with Sevendust.

Willow, who recently dropped her new pop-punk single “Transparent Soul” with special guest Travis Barker, decided she’d get the band back together for a surprise on the latest episode of their talk show.

After slipping out for a second around 28:50 in the episode below, Willow sets up the surprise which eventually includes a chat with Jada’s old bandmates Pocket Honore and Taylor Graves.

“When I was–I want to say about three or four, I went on tour with my mom and her band Wicked Wisdom,” says Willow, adding, “Wicked Wisdom was lit. This is the music that I grew up around. My mother was superwoman. She was a rock star. She was a warrior and a nurturer all in one. So unapologetically badass.”

Willow recalls being her mom’s biggest fan during those rock star days, always wanting to watch her perform. “I felt like it was only right for me to pay homage to a time in her life because she showed me what womaning up really is about, so for Mother’s Day, I’m about to reunite with some of my mom’s old band members to do one of my favorite songs by my mom, which is called ‘Bleed All Over Me.’ She’s gonna be floored. I’m really excited about it.” After a little conversation, the performance of Willow fronting Wicked Wisdom while sporting a Mastodon shirt on “Bleed All Over Me” can be seen at 32:45 in the video below.

You can check out the full episode of Red Table Talk, dedicated to mothers, on Facebook Watch or in the player below.

Willow Reunites Wicked Wisdom on Red Table Talk

Every Ozzfest Lineup, Ranked

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Sergio George & More Talk Afro-Latino Identity at 2021 LAMC

Akapellah: Blackness does not go in color. In Venezuela, there is no predominant race. Culturally, the music has a lot of Blackness but with so much diversity, you always find someone who is Black-skinned and does not have the pride or identity of being Afro. I feel very proud and I realized how special I am when I travel to other countries, such as Chile. I am a black Venezuelan. You learn to value who you are when you mix yourself with different cultures. Over time, I accepted my Blackness and I feel super proud.

Fidel Nadal: Argentina, for example, is a mystery, because compared to other countries, in Argentina you can say that there is a lower percentage of Blacks. It’s rare because, at the time of slavery, many Blacks arrived at the port of Buenos Aires. My family came from Africa as slaves. That’s why my father, from such an early age, was an advocate for social and racial struggles in the country. I was born in that environment, where the struggle was breathed. Racism hit me because it was obvious. That was what led me to create music and write my experiences without knowing that it was going to be my profession.

La Dame Blanche: The term corresponds to me because I’m Latina and I’m African. In Cuba, we have seen many battles that have been won but at the same time, there’s a lot of racism. However, I feel that Afro-Cubans are proud of being Black.

Mabiland: The word Afro-Latino is being used a lot lately and I feel that every time there are more and more labels. Being Black is a constant struggle since you are born. You have to recognize your roots, who gave you life, your ancestors, your culture. I am from Choco, where African music and culture live. I studied in Medellin, which has a smaller Afro population. That’s when I realized that being Black is different and that people don’t understand that. There’s a side of Medellin that embraces the Afro culture but I feel that each country has its struggle.

Sergio George: I was born in New York in the ‘60s, a time where there was a lot of discrimination. The Black community lived in 20 blocks. White people, the police, and racism were on the other side of those 20 blocks. So, my world was surrounded by African-Americans, Afro-Puerto Ricans, and Afro-Dominicans. There were some Jewish and Italian people who lived in our neighborhood and identified with us. On those 20 blocks is where artists such as Eddie Palmieri and salsa music were born.

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Iceage Share New Song “High & Hurt”: Listen

Iceage are back with another song from their new album Seek Shelter before it arrives this Friday, May 7. “High & Hurt” is out today as the first installment of this year’s Adult Swim Singles Program. Listen to it below.

This year’s Adult Swim Singles Program will roll out a new song every week. Announced participants in the series include Dawn Richard, KeiyaA, Pink Siifu, Moor Mother, Jlin, Chromeo, Flock of Dimes, Armani Caesar, Duma, Billy Woods & the Koreatown Oddity, Backxwash + Dreamcrusher, Oranssi Pazuzu, Cloud Rat, Mourning [A] BLKstar, and more.

Read Pitchfork’s feature interview “Iceage’s Ruthless Evolution.”

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Model and singer Nick Kamen dies – Music News

Nick Kamen, who shot to fame after starring in an iconic TV advertisement for Levi’s jeans, has died at the age of 59.

According to editors at the BBC, a friend of the family confirmed the Essex-born model and singer had passed away. The cause of death is unknown.

Nick was best known for starring in the 1985 television commercial, which saw him strip to his underwear in a laundrette.

As a result of the ad, Nick found international stardom and later launched a singing career, reaching the Top 10 with song Each Time You Break My Heart, which was written by Madonna, who also provided backing vocals on the track.

In a 1986 BBC Radio interview, Madonna said she was inspired by Nick’s “charisma” and “beautiful voice”.

His friend Boy George paid tribute to the star following the news of his death, sharing a throwback picture of them together, which he captioned: “R.I.P to the most beautiful and sweetest man Nick Kamen.”

Nick was 18 years old when he shot the career-changing Levi’s ad, during which he is seen stripping off and washing his clothes in front of a host of onlookers in a laundrette to the sound of Marvin Gaye’s 1968 hit Heard It Through the Grapevine.

His music career produced four albums between 1987 and 1992.

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CD Reviews – X Artillery

(Metal Blade)

01. The Devil’s Symphony

02. In Thrash We Trust

03. Turn Up the Rage

04. Silver Cross

05. In Your Mind

06. The Ghost of Me

07. Force of Indifference

08. Varg I Veum

09. Mors Ontologica

10. Eternal Night

11. Beggars in Black Suits

Thrash heads know the score. You never could fuck with ARTILLERY as members of the serrated-edge riff elite, from the Danish band’s early classics “Terror Squad” and “By Inheritance” right through to more recent works by the reconvened and consistently convincing incarnation of guitarist Michael Stützer‘s enduring ensemble. Their last album, “The Face Of Fear”, was one of 2018’s most criminally overlooked gems, and while ARTILLERY have often been airbrushed from received wisdom about thrash’s glory days, everything they do on “X” hammers home the superiority of their subtly progressive but always brutal take on the genre.

Stützer found the perfect replacement for talismanic frontman Flemming Rönsdoff when he recruited Michael Bastholm Dahl nearly a decade ago. The singer’s power and presence are splattered all over these songs, sustaining ARTILLERY‘s refined melodic sensibilities with flashy aplomb and spewing fiery grit when it counts. The result is a pulverizing stream of thunderous, life-affirming heavy metal songs, with feet planted firmly in both traditional notions of heaviness and in that forward-thinking sweet spot that the Danes occupied with such force the first time around. It’s an intoxicating formula; wherein something as knowingly goofy and straightforward as “In Thrash We Trust” — an instant, crowd-pleasing singalong if ever we heard one — is executed with neck-snapping authority and enough sonic muscle to shatter your ribcage.

Thanks to Dahl‘s soaring tones, ARTILLERY can deliver a powerhouse, hard rock thumper without missing a beat: “Turn Up the Rage” wears its AOR instincts with pride, while still packing a fearsome, crunching wallop. Similarly, “Silver Cross” comes across as a titanium-plated upgrade for Tony Martin-era SABBATH, a big melody to the forefront, but delivered with runaway bulldozer momentum. “Varg I Veum” repeats the trick at a dark-hued mid pace, and with another fists-in-the-air chorus to kill for.

“X” is topped and tailed by its two finest moments. Opener “The Devils Symphony” is almost comically belligerent and masterfully fine-tunes ARTILLERY‘s 21st-century sound via a thrilling torrent of prime Stützer riffing. Closer “Beggars in Black Suits” is even better: the album’s most overtly thrash-honoring blowout, it’s both a stunning showcase for Dahl‘s octave-shredding talents and an unabashed show of musical strength, with enough great riffs to give GARY HOLT a boner.

There was a time when ARTILLERY were loosely associated with the more overtly experimental likes of VOIVOD and CORONER, but the real genius of Stützer‘s vision is that his band have disregarded the rulebook while simultaneously writing massive tunes. Nearly 40 years after their story began, this band are still a unique and exhilarating proposition.

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London’s Royal Albert Hall to re-open at full-capacity in July

London’s Royal Albert Hall is set to resume full-capacity live shows from July.

The historic venue, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, has remained closed since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic last March.

From Saturday, May 29, the Albert Hall will begin hosting a series of socially distanced concerts to mark its milestone birthday. Tickets for these events will be limited to 1000 in line with government guidelines.

With all social restrictions set to be lifted by June 21, organisers have confirmed plans for the venue to re-open at full capacity from Tuesday, July 6 (subject to the government’s ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown going to plan).

The first full house concert will be by James Blunt, whose sixth album ‘Once Upon A Mind’ was released in October 2019.

The Grand Organ at the Royal Albert Hall. CREDIT: Press

“This has been the toughest period in the Hall’s 150-year history – and not how we ever imagined marking this remarkable milestone,” Craig Hassall, Chief Executive of the Royal Albert Hall, explained.

“But we are so excited about getting back to doing what we do best, and can’t wait to welcome audiences to the Hall to help us celebrate this anniversary in style.”

You can find more information on the Royal Albert Hall’s re-opening plans and upcoming shows on the venue’s official website.

It comes after a new survey found that over 17,000 full-capacity shows are booked to take place in England’s grassroots music venues by the end of September, with 2,534 socially distanced events scheduled between May 17 and June 21.

Meanwhile, this weekend Liverpool played host to a government pilot event, which saw Blossoms perform to a crowd of 5000 people – who were not required to socially distance or wear face coverings.

Following the gig, Festival Republic’s Melvin Benn told NME that “it feels like we can be back to normal” in regards to full-capacity shows.

“If we adequately test people before they come into a gig, there’s no reason why the gig can’t happen,” he reasoned. “That’s what this event is about: effectively demonstrating that people can be responsible, they’ve had the test, came to the gig [and will] have a test afterward. And I think it means the festival season can happen.”

Next week’s BRIT Awards 2021 will also serve as a pilot COVID event, allowing 4000 fans to attend the ceremony at London’s O2 Arena.

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14 Rock Stars Who Haven’t Released an Album in 10 Years

Albums don’t happen overnight. But for the 14 Rock Stars Who Haven’t Released an Album in 10 Years, it’s been a pretty long time since their last release.

The reasonings stretch far and wide. For some, tension among band members makes working in close studio quarters awkward; for others, touring has proven a more fruitful endeavor than making new music. And others have found the industry has simply changed too far beyond recognition.

“Radio is so fuckin’ formatted, if you don’t have a banjo and a beard, they’re not playing you over here,” Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx said at a 2014 press conference. His band’s last album arrived in 2008. “If you’re this kind of band at this stage of your career, you can’t be played on Active Rock; if you’ve been around for more than 15 years, you’re classic rock, but classic rock radio doesn’t play new music. You just think, ‘Fuck, man, this sucks.’

Some artists have reached the point in their careers where they can’t keep up with the demands of making a new album.

“I’m not crazy about going into a recording studio and doing that kind of life again or taking on another project where there’s other people involved — arrangers and orchestrators and conductors and producers,” Billy Joel told ABC News in 2014, noting that he has no plans to make another album. (His last was in 2001.) “I don’t want to deal with it. … You have to have a certain amount of ambition to want to do all that.”

Whatever the reason, the 14 Rock Stars Who Haven’t Released an Album in 10 Years below probably won’t be changing their minds about it anytime soon.

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Dirty Honey Announce June Headline Tour With Joyous Wolf

Looks like Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch will finally be able to catch some Z’s, as Dirty Honey will be hitting the road this June. The band has announced a headline tour that will kick off June 3 in Tempe, Ariz.

These are exciting times for the band as their self-titled debut full-length album recently hit the No. 2 spot on the Current Hard Rock Albums chart, No. 4 on the Current Independent Albums chart and No. 5 on the Current Rock Albums chart.

“It exceeded all of our expectations,” said singer Mark LaBelle about the response to the new record. “We’re all really excited to release new music especially after such a long wait, and it’s great to feel the momentum again with the ‘California Dreamin’ single, the response to all of the new music, our social media … it’s just a very exciting time.”

And yes, people are taking notice, with Friday Night Lights actor Taylor Kitsch’s recent humorous video post about the band overstaying their welcome at his home just because they wanted an audience to play to going viral. The actor is a good friend of the band and the video helped lay the groundwork for the tour announcement of the new dates listed below.

Dirty Honey will take out Joyous Wolf on a majority of their performances. Dates are listed below and ticketing info can be found at the band’s website. Ticket pre-sales start tomorrow (May 6) from 10AM-10PM local time with the password: DREAMIN. The general ticket on-sale starts Friday (May 7) at 10AM local time.

Dirty Honey 2021 Tour Dates

June 3 – Tempe, Ariz. @ The Marquee*
June 5 – Lubbock, Texas @ Jake’s Backroom*
June 6 – Amarillo, Texas @ Hoot’s Pub*
June 8 – San Antonio, Texas @ The Rock Box*
June 9 – Corpus Christi, Texas @ Brewster Street Ice House*
June 11 – Destin, Fla. @ Club LA*
June 12 – Mobile, Fla. @ Soul Kitchen Music Hall*
June 14 – Huntsville, Ala. @ Shagnasty’s*
June 15 – Johnson City, Tenn. @ Capone’s*
June 17 – Chattanooga, Tenn. @ The Signal*
June 19 – Oklahoma City, Okla. @ Diamond Ballroom*
June 20 – Wichita, Kan. @ The Cotillion*
June 22 – Lincoln, Neb. @ Bourbon Theatre*
June 24 – Fort Wayne, Ind. @ Piere’s*
Sept. 25 – Camden, N.J. @ MMR*B*Q, BB&T Pavilion

* Joyous Wolf supports

The 66 Best Rock Songs of the Decade: 2010-2019

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Pete Davidson Had a Call With Eminem After ‘SNL’ Spoofs

Pete said he profusely thanked the rapper and told Em that he was the coolest. The comedian then “hung up as quick as possible” before he said anything dumb.

Davidson, rocking a 1970s crime villain mustache, jeans and a baggy white sweater covered in bright flowers, also described to Meyers in very NSFW terms how nice it is to move out of his mom’s basement and finally have some privacy. And as for what it’s been like to pull off a season of SNL during a pandemic, Pete said it has been challenging, but super rewarding.

“This has been my favorite season,” said Davidson. “The pandemic has … really made me very appreciative of things … because it was such a kick in the nuts. And so, I’ve been having a blast and just been feeling so lucky that I have a place to go and work and be funny. Because the world’s so nuts.”

Speaking of challenging, in the midst of some blowback about this upcoming weekend’s host, SpaceX/Tesla founder Elon Musk, Davidson said he hadn’t met him yet, but that they were scheduled to have dinner with SNL boss Lorne Michaels later that night. “I’m really excited, man,” Davidson said after several cast members recently tweeted their trepidation about the host.

“I’m really excited, man,” Davidson said about meeting Musk. “I’m gonna ask him for, like, a Tesla or some s—.” And, for the record, Pete would totally go to Mars if Musk asked him, and would “100,000%” get stoned with Elon if he offered. “That guy’s a [genius]. I don’t know why people are freaking out.”

Davidson, 27, also excitedly talked about portraying legendary Ramones leader Joey Ramone in an upcoming Netflix biopic he is also co-writing based on the memoir by Ramones’ brother, I Slept With Joey Ramone. “Either a really great or horrible choice by a studio,” Davidson joked. “And we will find out.”

Because of his growing film career, Davidson revealed that he has begun re-thinking his bevy of questionable tattoos.

“I didn’t think that they would put me in stuff,” said the always self-deprecating comedian about his burgeoning big-screen career. “I thought after this [SNL], I thought it was a wrap.” He said he never imagined he’d get a chance to really act, and has begun removing his grab-bag body art since it takes almost three hours to cover all his ink up.

“For some reason, people in movies, they don’t have them that much,” he said. So now he’s having them burned off, which doesn’t feel great, even as he joked about how painful it is to listen to the doctor announce which tattoo he’s lasering away each time. “‘Are we keeping the Stewie Griffin smoking a blunt?’… ‘Are we keeping the owl that licks the Tootsie Pop?'”

So, kids, listen to your Uncle Pete and really think about what you get inked on your body, but also what it will sound like when the doctor asks you if you want to have it burned off some day. Watch Davidson and Musk on SNL this Saturday (May 8) with musical guest Miley Cyrus.

Watch the interview below.

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Modest Mouse Announce New Album The Golden Casket, Share New Song: Listen

Modest Mouse have announced a new album. The Golden Casket is out June 25 via Epic, and a new song called “We Are Between” is out now. The album was produced with Dave Sardy and Jacknife Lee in Los Angeles and at Modest Mouse’s Portland studio. Listen to the new song below.

The new album follows 2015’s Strangers to Ourselves. In 2019, the band made a series of moves that appeared to anticipate the release of a new full-length, including the release of new songs called “Ice Cream Party,” “Poison the Well,” and “I’m Still Here” (none of which appear on the new album’s tracklist). That year, Modest Mouse also toured with the Black Keys.

Read about Modest Mouse in Pitchfork’s list of “The 50 Best Indie Rock Albums of the Pacific Northwest.”

The Golden Casket:

01 Fuck Your Acid Trip
02 We Are Between
03 We’re Lucky
04 Walking and Running
05 Wooden Soldiers
06 Transmitting Receiving
07 The Sun Hasn’t Left
08 Lace Your Shoes
09 Never Fuck a Spider on the Fly
10 Leave a Light On
11 Japanese Trees
12 Back to the Middle

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