The Stories Behind All 19 LP Covers

As Rush‘s art director since 1975, Hugh Syme was one of the prog-rock trio’s closest collaborators. His vivid designs — decrepit puppet kings, fireball jugglers, dalmatians next to fire hydrants — became an extension of the music, drawing on Neil Peart‘s sprawling, philosophical lyrical themes (and their mutual love of silly puns). Syme recently spoke to UCR […]

10 Unforgettable Alexi Laiho Moments

Children of Bodom fans woke up to the tragic news of Alexi Laiho’s death today (Jan. 4). To celebrate the neoclassical metal master’s life and accomplishments, we’ve put together 10 unforgettable moments from the Bodom legend. One of the earliest Bodom videos on YouTube is from a 1998 gig in Russia. On the Something Wild […]

Dylan Cashes In, McCartney Flies Solo + More

2020 was hard on everyone, musicians included. But before the year was out, many artists had just a few more things to wrap up. Bob Dylan sold the rights to his musical catalog, an enormously profitable decision and one that’s become more and more popular, Paul McCartney released McCartney III, his third one-man-band album and Dave […]

10 Greatest Riffs of the Last 10 Years, According to Dirty Nil

Canadian alt punk band The Dirty Nil‘s riff-tastic new album  Fuck Art hits the world today (Jan. 1), and in honor of its release, we asked singer/guitarist Luke Bentham to share what he deems the greatest riffs of the last 10 years. So what makes him qualified to make this distinction? The Dirty Nil write some criminally […]

The 13 Best Debut Albums From Up-and-Coming Acts in 2020

When it comes to debut albums, 2020 saw some of rock’s biggest hitters go it alone, as the likes of Corey Taylor and Hayley Williams finally released their first solo albums. Both did a pretty great job of it, but as well as the veterans did, so, too, did the newcomers bring the fire. Despite […]

Poppy Is the 2020 Artist of the Year

Poppy is Loudwire’s pick for the 2020 Artist of the Year. We got the artist herself to break down her year, beginning with her magnificent post-genre album, I Disagree. As 2019 came to a close, Poppy announced her split from creative partner Titanic Sinclair, which was met by an outpouring of support for the musician. […]

Deftones’ ‘Ohms’ is the 2020 Album of the Year

Twenty years after releasing their landmark White Pony, and 10 years following the gorgeous and vibrant Diamond Eyes, Deftones added another masterwork to their discography with Ohms — Loudwire’s pick for the Best Album of 2020. Deftones fans were shot with a jolt of excitement once it was revealed that Around the Fur / White Pony […]

The 20 Most Uplifting Rock ‘n’ Roll Stories of 2020

In a year filled with bad news, we looked to our favorite music for inspiration. Our list of the 20 most uplifting rock ‘n’ roll stories of 2020 includes many tales of artists overcoming adversity and helping others do the same. They played benefits, wrote songs and delivered messages of hope for all of us, while […]

Bring Me the Horizon, ‘Parasite Eve’

Bring Me the Horizon’s “Parasite Eve” is Loudwire’s pick for the 2020 Song of the Year. To celebrate the unintentional COVID-19 anthem, keyboardist and programmer Jordan Fish joined us via Zoom to break the song down. As many BMTH fans know, “Parasite Eve” was not written about COVID-19, but the general, seemingly growing threat of […]